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    As the world most professional store of longhair, we have the abundant source of longhair from Chinese women. We can get access to a huge number of beautiful girls with long hair and thus we are familiar with all the girls with longhair and their unique stories with longhair.
    We also cooperate with the longhair collectors and businessmen in making the world best longhair videos and books for longhair fans all over the world. We can promise every video made with the real taking without any post production. Every cutting procedure of a longhair will be recorded to show you and we will also tell you the story from the girl with the longhair about her feels after cutting long hair.
    We provide world’s longhair fans an opportunity to own your daydreaming longhair and share your feels with world’s hair fans here! Longhair store, world’s best longhair trading site for longhair fans!

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